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About The Lost Diamond

The Lost Diamond is a subdivision of the
Norwegian company Time2Discover AS.

It utilizes Web3 technology to let The Lost
Diamond Adventure Race work worldwide.

Shares in the The Lost Diamond are registered and managed in it's smart contract.

We are selling 10% of the shares to finance
the 50 week Product Market Fit period.

Stock price Items Percentage of company Sold

20% cash dividend is paid out to shareholders every time The Lost Diamond is conquered.

Annual payout for 1% share when x MAU are paying $6 per month

MAU 6 100 1,000 10,000 100.000 1,000,000
Annual payout $0.86 $14 $140 $1,400 $14,000 $140,000

All income and payouts are handled by the smartcontract. 70% is added to the value of The Lost Diamond and other checkpoints, and will benefit checkpoint makers and treasure hunters. 20% is paid out to shareholders and 10% goes to operational costs for the smartcontract.

Payout to shareholders happens every time The Lost Diamond is found and conquered (usually once per week).

Shares can be traded on our internal exchange.

We allow 2% of the company's shares to be traded on external Web3 exchanges, like Alchor Exchange. This is for testing purposes until regulations are in place.

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